Saturday, March 12, 2011

The age i remember most is 17. Those days i really believed i could accomplish anything and that all things would go as planned. Passion consumed me. Being real was of the highest value. Slowly you grow up accomplishing some of what you set out to do, and excusing failures with doctrine. At some point you may look at the person you once were and sneer. You say you use to be young and foolish.

Today i miss those days, when nothing could stop me, not that harsh words of a friend or foe, not the harsh reality of life. I long for the days when all could be done, for that first love.

God, Help me to remember who set me out on this path, that i may walk in your ways and never forget that none of the treasures i earn on this earth will stand when i leave.

Let us all be raw, honest and broken vessels, and then God can use us for his Glory

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